Side Effects of IVF

by Carol on February 17, 2011

Before I begin I want to clarify that these side effects shown below are from my my full blown IVF treatment for natural killer cells. Most people would not get these symptoms or the arduous treatment that I have gone though.  The images below are the result of what I believe are withdrawal symptoms from steroid treatment. The thing is that shortly after (well immediately) after stopping steroid treatment, my feet started to swell up.This is a treatment you undergo if you have natural killer cells.

A few week later I went Christmas shopping. I was out for the whole day and noticed as the day wore on that feet were increasingly sore. Latter when I came home I stripped off and discovered that my legs had swollen again and had develop this massive rash. It took ages for the rash to disappear – probably about a month. However I am still left with a slight discoloration on my right leg.



Having a Break From IVF

by Carol on February 10, 2011

Its been a while since I wrote in my blog. Since that time a few other long term infertility sufferers have gotten pregnant and I am still infertile. Its funny that no matter how strong you think you are going there are always those moments when you talk about your experiences and get upset. After a couple of months break from IVF, albeit with the constant reminder of my failure to get pregnant (my ankles and fingers are still swollen from steroid withdrawals) I thought I was doing fine. I was also contemplating life without a child and wondering what that could mean.

However on Monday evening I went out to dinner with my biological mother (I am adopted) and found myself crying about it all. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough. Today (Thursday), we visited a friend who had baby number 2 and I found myself getting clucky and playing with the baby. I marveled at this newborns beautiful soft skin and tiny long and slender fingers. Then I started crying – perhaps it was the realization that I might never have a baby. I don’t know. All I know is that grief can come along at any moment and strike you when you least expect it. I had to fake it and go to toilet so that no-one could see me cry. Its not good when you want a baby. I know I should be happy for the people who have a child (and I am)  except that it reminds me that I can’t have a child and don’t have one.

In any case I have resolved to have a break from IVF and let my body recover. I have rashes all over my body as well as the swollen ankles and this is all related to my reaction to going off steroid treatment for my natural killer cells. I am sick of my body reacting the way it does and want to give it time to recover.  Previously I was rushing against my body clock but now I have a different attitude and just want my body to be ok and I want the horrible symptoms I have left over from IVF to go away. I have also put on weight and I know this isn’t going to help me get pregnant either. So it is rest time for me for a little while at least.  I am going to have a post a picture of the rashes on my legs that started to appear right before Christmas.  I also need to write about another incident that occurred before I left my job. It literally shocked me that someone could be so thoughtless.


IVF Pregnancy Test Results

December 6, 2010

Tweet Decision day was last Wednesday. I sat by the phone anxiously awaiting my blood test results after now 15 rounds of IVF. The call didn’t come until late in the afternoon. You can always tell by the tone of the nurse whether you have been successful or not. In this instance I again was […]

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Waiting Zone

December 1, 2010

Tweet This round of IVF seems to be taking ages. The Intralipid treatment went well. I was in hospital with another lady who was also having the treatment. Although she finished her treatment before I did, I was happier this time as my veins actually seemed to take the infusion better than last time. The […]

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IVF Round 15: New Treatment

October 25, 2010

Tweet As I prepare for round 15 (which my clinic thinks is round 14), I am amazed at how much the drugs I am on have increased over time. This time, although I am doing a natural cycle, I am still doing something different.  I will be taking hormone replacement tablets three times a day […]

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IVF Round 14: Another Flop

October 22, 2010

Tweet I know it has been some time since I last wrote. The bad news is that I didn’t get pregnant. This is despite being treated for Natural Killer cells and doing the Colorado protocol. This was disappointing but it happened some time ago now so I have had a chance to recover. I had […]

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Natural Killer Cells Intralipid Infusion

August 4, 2010

Tweet Interesting day today where I had to pick up my prescription for my infusion.  This is final piece of puzzle and complements the other medications I am taking. Here is the latest one that adds to the already fascinating cocktail of drugs I am taking. This is the medication where I fed intravenously. I […]

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Frozen Embryo Transfer with the Colorado Protocol and Treatment for Natural Killer Cells

August 1, 2010

Tweet Wow! I thought the drugs when you do a full on IVF cycle quite tough. I reckon just counting the drugs you need to take when you have natural killer cells and are doing a Frozen Embryo Transfer amazing. Imagine if I have to do both full on IVF and treatment for Natural Killer […]

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Natural Killer Cells and Cycle Number 14

July 29, 2010

Tweet Just saw my new Fertility Specialist today to find out my new treatment protocol now that I have been diagnosed with Natural Killer Cells. I arrived with my box of tissues  in tow – not because I was sad but because I have a cold. It was hard to concentrate but the Doctor seemed […]

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Natural Killer Cells

July 28, 2010

Tweet Sheesh – I just found out I have tested positive for natural killer cells. It seems my body kills embryos.  Now that might explain why I have have 13 IVF failures.  I wish I saw my new Doctor sooner. Now we just have to worry about my husbands sperm, my natural killer cells and […]

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